Wedding Styles

6996739236_420a23857d_zThis approach to wedding styles is going to be somewhat unique from other wedding style articles that a person might read. Most weddings or wedding styles follow traditions from somewhere whether it be a family tradition or a specific wedding style that you might have read about in a magazine or on the internet. Of course, most brides think about such important things like where to find the best Scottsdale wedding photographers, good restaurant, menu and etc. What most people do not think about unless it directly pertains to the bride, groom, or one of their family members, is obstacles that a guest might find if they have a specific medical diagnosis of some kind.

Most people might agree that a really good host or hostess might take into consideration their guests and any allergies or physical challenges that they might face on a daily basis. For example, if you know ahead of time that you have someone attending your wedding that is allergic to dairy for example, you will want to make sure that you inform your caterer of this, so that they can make special accommodations to accommodate the guest instead of telling them that they should not eat certain things because they might contain dairy and this might make the guest uncomfortable or make them feel left out if they just have to sit at their table engaging in conversation without being able to eat or even snack on anything because nothing has been provided that you are able to eat.

Another reasonable accommodation that a good host or hostess might consider at a wedding, is if they know that one or more of their guests has mobility issues like they can’t walk up and down stairs, or they are in a wheelchair, they might find a venue to hold their wedding and their reception that is one level or wheelchair accessible. This way, their guest can be included in the celebration and not have to see it later in pictures or on a video tape. When looking at the lay out of the 6996828876_28bb126e72_zvenue, the host or hostess might also check out the restrooms to make sure that they can accommodate a wheelchair if any of their guests might depend on a wheelchair for their independence. The last thing a person wants or needs is to show up to a public gathering to find out that the only restroom is on the second floor, or the doorway to the restroom is not wide enough for the wheelchair to fit through. You can’t expect your guests who rely on a wheelchair to hold their restroom needs until they get home because chances are that they will end up leaving early and not enjoy themselves as much as they could’ve.

No one should ever have to miss out on a wedding, or any other event or celebration for that matter, just because they have a medical diagnosis that tries to get in the way of the celebration. Reasonable accommodations should be fairly easy to include everyone to be able to share in the joy of the bride and groom’s big day.